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3D Line & Wrinkle Filler

$130.00 + Complimentary Shipping*
3D Line & Wrinkle Filler

3D Line & Wrinkle Filler

$130.00 + Complimentary Shipping*
  • Description
  • An exclusive and proprietary blend of curated ingredients and true melting innovation that instantly and effectively address todays biggest aging concerns:
    loss of firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dehydration on a deeper level than ever before.

    • Rejuvenates
    • Reduces Wrinkles
    • Minimizes Fine Lines
    • Increases Firmness
    • Moisturizes Skin
    • Instant and Lasting Results

    Includes four treatments. Each treatment contains two BLUR 3D Dissolving Patches & THE CONCENTRATE–our Exclusive Activating Serum (.03oz)

I wish I could put the serum all over my body, and the mask, this is so insane how good it works, I am obsessed with my results. I am so happy, it actually works, and I am loving my skin. I am using it twice a week now.

A Deeper Level of Beauty

A radical delivery system that painlessly and non-invasively delivers active ingredients under the deeper layers of the skin with our exclusive 3D Dissolving Active Technology.

BLUR 3D Dissolving Active Patches

BLUR the Lines

Our innovative deliver system, made of flexible pyramids of hyaluronic acid molecules that dissolve and then melt into the skin, combined with our proprietary Blur-Age Complex, work synergistically to firm, fill-in, and help plump up fines lines and wrinkles on a much deeper level than any topical skincare you’ve experienced.

BLUR Patch Under Eye

The Mystery of Melt

Most conventional skincare sits on top of the epidermis, where only minimal amounts of active ingredients actually get delivered to where they matter most: the deeper layers of the skin. And while that’s good, at BLUR, we believe it’s time for skincare to do so much more.

That’s why we focus as carefully on how ingredients get delivered to the skin as on the ingredients we use. Our innovative delivery technology uses dissolving flexible pyramids of hyaluronic acid molecules developed to melt with your own body temperature. They dissolve and melt into the skin to firm, fill-in, and help plump up fine lines and wrinkles on a much deeper level than topical skincare alone.

BLUR Mystery of Melt - Melting Hyaluronic Acid Pyramids

The Concentrate

This BLUR exclusive powerhouse activating serum with 24K gold particles is included with each treatment for intense results. Featuring our BLUR-Age Complex: a potent blend of the most advanced and clinically proven active ingredients to deliver immediate visible results.

Our BLUR-Age Complex includes:
HYALURONIC ACID | Skin hydrating booster naturally present in our body. Boosts collagen synthesis, elasticity, and moisture of skin.
NIACINAMIDE | Skin restoring Vitamin B3. Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, and dullness.
BETA-GLUCAN | Skin soothing Oat. Soothes, smooths, moisturizes, and helps protect skin.

The Concentrate with BLUR-Age Complex

Instant & Lasting Results

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